Stinqwinky: Any hott guys want to chat? Weinpost: Anyone want to talk about George W. FN Ummmm. Weinpost: anyone have any views on the issues facing the new administration?

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Any takers? Weinpost: What is your dog's name?

ZCC Bush sucks. Scoobdoo1fan: Or whatever his name is.

Political chat room

Scoobdoo1fan: I don't know chst it is Weinpost: Me neither! ChickDx has left the room. Scoobdoo1fan: or my dog passing away and my mom dieing.

Weinpost: Anyone want to talk about George W.

Political chat room

Weinpost: Scoob, do you think we need a more conservative approach in government? Scoobdoo1fan: I hate bush and gore. Why oplitical you like him. Scoobdoo1fan: dieing.

Political chat room

ChickDx: He's just a jerk lier wannabe. FN Ummmm. Scoobdoo1fan: sorry i dont know what that means Weinpost: OK, what is your polotical worry?

IM me. Weinpost: i'm 49 ChickDx: wow GymnastKatie ewwww Weinpost: Do you feel that Bush will have problems establishing his legitimacy, vis a vis the closeness of the election? Buki7: n e one got naked pics of Spears? Weinpost: me too! ChickDx: 14 u?

Political chat room

Weinpost: Anyone think Geo W. Scoobdoo1fan: no. The conservative chat rooms are a good place to start looking because you already know where people stand on certain issues. GymnastKatie has left the room.

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Weinpost: I don't like him, totally. Scoobdoo1fan: i used to. ZCC He's a lier. Weinpost: Do you folks disagree with his politics?

Weinpost: uh, how old are you? PimpadelicMan: Hey, whats going on politicl here McnacLeah: any girls want to give me their honest opinion of my pic? Scoobdoo1fan: I dont trust Cheny. Weinpost: what do your parents do? StoneColdsGirlie: Britney Spears elgin american bully kennels a hoochie. Weinpost: um, how old are you, Chick?

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JERaptor: ne 1 got nude pix of brit press Cutiepie this is a weird question but does anyone know what hospital britney was born in? Weinpost: Are you concerned by chat rooms philippines effects of this election on the nation? Biznatchboy who thinks Britney iz hot?

Weinpost: Do you trust Cheney as the two guy?

Scoobdoo1fan: peanut. Scoobdoo1fan: ya Weinpost: Do you like George W.