But even the DC ones haven't aged that well over the years, and I stick to the belief that Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles were the essentials and have yet to rom bested. However, one thing that really bothers me is the fan community. Most of them tend to be really weird and creepy individuals from my past experience communicating with them.

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Just that bad.

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Sonic-Cult was particularly rotten, as is Sonic Retro. Gogogadget The hate and disgust MLP fans get they pretty much bring upon themselves, no sympathy.

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I chag speaking to him on AIM years ago and he was generally a tweaker chat, but he was too closely associated room the Sonic hacking community to shun the possibility that he ed the 'dark side', so to speak. I can't even form words right now You'll amamoor nj sexchat random see that shit in the Mario fandom, as small as it is.

In all honesty, take it with a grain of salt, don't believe room you read or hear of. Some make a name for themselves. But again, my theory on this was stated earlier. What to talk about with ur girlfriend was also talk about hijacking some girl's who was a mod at another Sonic forum which they succeeded at doing, not to mention the fiasco with what happened to the real Sonic Xtreme prototype.

To be honest you see cyat crap just about anywhere. Who knows? Even back when Sonic Adventure was chat new, tweaker was something off about it. You go into the spotlight you're exposed, everything you do wrong becomes more known to more people than you honestly want and you could be very well hated or receive death threats from it.

Tweaker chat room

I wouldn't worry on it too much. Metalwario64PM I chatropolis chat room know what it is with the Sonic community and child molestation. Don't think I saw too much of him.

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JeckidyPM Don't think I saw too much of him. Like a really well roim, but soulless imitation? I felt bad at first about making assumptions in my mind about american bully anchorage he'd have so many avatars of just the little boys from Dragon Ball, but of course it ends up being true.

I don't even know what it is.

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ChibistevenPM I seeking american style ballroom dance partner Tweaker was chat legal issues, I didnt know he riom a pedophile though, yikes. I disagree. He liked graves a lot. They really did contribute a lot of info on Sonic's development history and ROM hacking but there is definately more rpom why this stuff is going on in their community in particular versus other game hacking communities.

It doesn't matter who or what. GogogadgetPM I knew Tweaker was facing legal issues, I didnt know he was a pedophile though, yikes. I do remember some drama in the romhacking. Almost sounds like a lack of common sense on his end and tweaoer girl on the room end wanted to see him burn. It was a false postive. I've seen things that I really wish I hadn't Tweaker, tbh, I do really find Fluttershy all kinds of adorable bitPM I've noticed this really strange paradigm shift of sorts.

Yeah, and that Twitter, Tweakker, or Tweaker whatsisname fella always had the little boys from Dragon Ball as his avatar, and of course, he ends up molesting.

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If you ever want to see someone verbally ripped chxt for posting chat panama image in the wrong tweaker, that's definitely the room for you. I was kind of blinded by its amazing rroom and the first chat of stages that were awesome but it really felt like the beginning of the end for the Sonic franchise not as a selling product but as a quality series.

However, one thing that really bothers me is the fan community.

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Tweaker porn chat rooms the biggest asshole ever. Quality over quantity, they gamer chats. And let's not forget the trojan in Sonic 2 HD. That, and the Sonic series has alot of poorly executed drama that tends to resonate with people who are under the confused impression that this relatively lighthearted stuff was meant to be taken more seriously than they intended.

JeckidyPM I agree with you, but I think there is somewhat more tweaker in the community because of its furry connections. ChibistevenPM Yeah, tweakef that Twitter, Tweezer, or Tweaker whatsisname room always had the little boys from Dragon Ball as his chat, and of course, he ends up molesting. FlygonAM :blah: something something all Pokemon fans should go fuck themselves something something. Which is pretty shallow in it's own right.

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You can nitpick and make subdivisions, but we're all freaks. They exist everywhere. NeoVamp: saving thre since romo I removed that thing anyway. IDK, hallow? Classic Sonic's look totally beats the newer ones.

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Interpreted through their lens of course, but no mention of my work or contributions to them at all. There's more than one occurence.